Military Care Package Ideas

Military Care Package Ideas

When thinking up a nice care package for your favorite member of the armed forces, you may be concerned about what you should give them. You can be quite creative in this task, and getting the right items will not only make you feel better about the military care package, but it will make your soldier, sailor, or airman quite happy.

Essentials to include in a military care package

There are plenty of things you should put in a care package that will make a servicemember’s life a little bit easier. Essential items can make them better deal with day-to-day life on active duty.

  • Hygienic products are important. Giving your military member soaps, shampoos, cologne or perfume, and toothpaste can help them have what they need when they’re in an area where these items are scarce. Additionally, they can give them a feel of home, which is always a great morale booster.
  • Snacks are great options for care packages. Vacuum-sealed small treats will help them get food fresh, and it helps to have some extra food around.
  • Extra underwear and clothing. These are very important. The small amount of clothing they have with them can make it difficult while away from home. Sending some extras will help this situation.

Other fun military care package ideas

There are also many things that can be put in a care package to help soldiers pass the time. Keep in mind their interests and use your imagination!

  • Small board games or cards are great ideas, as they can use these to fill downtime with other military members. This is important, as they may have extensive time where they will need to relax and not think about duty.
  • Family photos are also a good idea. Giving them a little taste from home may make everything less stressful, and also help them be less homesick.

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